User testing or usability testing, is the phase in the design process that allows you to gauge your service or product before it’s launched to a real audience. You can analyse your target audience’s behaviour as they engage with your product. 

UserTesting has always been the go-to product for user testing, but now there are competitors offering a broader service that meet a wider range of needs. 

Here we explain how UserQ is a great alternative to UserTesting.

Why is UserTesting popular?

UserTesting is an established US-based platform that allows businesses to collect feedback on pretty much any user experience. Functions and interface of an app, service, product, website – even real life experience are tested by paid users. 

It provides researchers with video and audio recordings, as well as analytics of the user testing experience as they evaluate the product. 

UserTesting allows customers to understand what users feel about their products and pick up on ‘pain points’ in the customer experience – so stakeholders can make improvements.

Why look for alternatives to UserTesting?

UserTesting has earned itself a solid reputation within the user testing industry. However, researchers within MENA might want to explore the alternatives. 

Limited respondent pool from MENA

UserTesting has a respondent panel of more than one million. Contributors come from: USA, Germany, France, India, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. These are classed as the ‘standard nations.’ If researchers want to use respondents from outside of these nations, they have to be subscribed to the package to do so. Otherwise, access to panels from additional countries isn’t accessible. 

So, for those who live within MENA, UserTesting respondent panels may not meet your demographic.


UserTesting does offer testing in non-English languages but is optimised for English, German and French language tests. Researchers using UserTesting within MENA, who want to test products used within MENA countries, will only be able to test in alternative languages if the level of plan they’ve subscribed to allows access testing from additional countries.

High price point

Let’s be fair, pricing is always going to be a consideration in any business decision you make, and UserTesting is a pricey testing platform. Their basic plan only offers testing with up to 15 people – anything over this requires an Enterprise Plan. This involves customised pricing, which can be very expensive.

If you’re looking for a user testing experience that isn’t quite so costly, there are user testing alternatives to UserTesting…

Introducing UserQ

UserQ is the first fully remote user testing platform that focuses on the MENA region. 

It works in a similar way to UserTesting, offering the following research methodologies:

  • prototype testing
  • card sorting
  • tree testing
  • preference testing
  • first click testing
  • 5 second testing
  • surveys.

UserQ has a pool of 10,000+ respondents from across MENA, including Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Researchers using UserQ can target participants based on specific demographics such as: age, education level, nationality, income and digital proficiency. 

So for those looking to drive their business forward within the MENA location, UserQ is a very credible alternative to UserTesting.

With UserQ, you can validate your business hypothesis in languages that your users will relate to and understand. Tests are available in both Arabic and English meaning you’re able to use testers that’ll give you market-specific information relating to your product – and the audience you want to reach. 


A great perk is that UserQ is a Pay-As-You-Go service. This means you only pay for what you use – no subscription fees and no packages. With tests starting from as little as $2 per participant it’s considerably cheaper. It’s also worth pointing out that UserQ is free when researchers test using their own participants.

Advantages of UserQ over UserTesting

UserQ offers several test types and research methodologies that focus on both moderated and unmoderated tests – whereas UserTesting is better suited to more formal moderated tests. With unmoderated testing, results are generated faster, meaning you can access analytics almost instantaneously. The moderated approach of UserTesting takes longer to extrapolate data – slowing down access to results. 

UserQ is aimed at medium to small businesses, large corporations and public administrations. UserTesting is very clearly aimed at organisations with big product teams, so it might not be right for you. UserTesting also doesn’t really allow for much collaboration, meaning you’re going to need a pretty large budget for multiple licences in order to facilitate more than one user access.

UserQ: pricing and plans

As mentioned earlier, UserQ is a pay-as-you-go service, with no subscription monthly fees. 

During the 30-day trial period any study is free to publish. After that, there are two options: 

  1. Use your own participants and pay a $10 publishing fee to use the methodologies, and no other costs. 
  2. Access the UserQ panel where  you pay the $10 publishing fee, plus the cost of the respondents. 

UserTesting doesn’t publish its price plans but it has been reported that there’s an average fee of $15,000 a year for the service. 

If you’re looking for websites like UserTesting, but without the hefty price tag, UserQ is the best alternative. 

To sum up, UserTesting has an established reputation. Yet, UserQ is a cheaper, broader  UserTesting alternative – with more reliable panel participants. This is a dynamic platform that gives you actionable insights within hours – sometimes minutes – meaning your business can go from strength to strength.

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