UX surveys help researchers to grasp user opinions, values and attitudes, as well as provide personalised feedback about your brand. It gives users an opportunity to tell you exactly what they think of your product, service or digital experience, how they feel when they’re using it and provide a solid foundation for improving your offering.

An extremely versatile – and easy to carry out – testing method, your survey can ask both closed and open ended questions to produce a mix of quantitative and qualitative data to inform your brand’s development. Use insights from surveys to better understand your audience, further improve your offering and even discover new ideas for your brand!

For this test, you should tailor tester recruitment – using a specific target audience will give you an accurate reflection of market needs.


Surveys can help you with:

  • have a better understanding of our target users
  • Further improve your offering based on precise customer feedback
  • Discover new ideas for your brand and define an effective product startegy

When to use surveys

Measuring satisfaction

Understand and dissect your users’ feelings about your brand or product

Consumer feedback

Hear individual opinions to shape your services

Market reflection

Discover what your audience wants and needs from your products or services

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