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Want to make some extra cash? Become a tester with UserQ and get paid to help brands in the MENA region shape their websites, apps and other digital products.

A couple of minutes from your time to earn money

1-10 mins

Average duration of each test

$ 0,5 – $ 2

Average incentive
per test

How it works

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1. Complete profile

Become a tester by signing up and creating your profile so you can start earning

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2. Stay in the loop

Switch on notifications so we can let you know when a new test is available

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3. Give your feedback

Share your thoughts and insights to help brands improve their products and services

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4. Get rewarded

Earn money for each test and get cash paid into your bank or Paypal account

Take test from home

Test from the comfort of your own home

Get paid to test from your sofa – whether youʼre in Egypt, KSA or the UAE. Most of our tests are remote, so you don’t even need to leave the house to take part in UserQ tests.

UserQ Office

Or give us your feedback
in person

From time to time, we might invite you to give us feedback in person – at our state-of-the-art in-house UX lab in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

UserQ security and privacy

At UserQ, we take your data privacy and security seriously

Keeping your data safe is a huge priority for us – any information you give us will be stored securely and never shared. Plus, you can opt out any time you like.

Learn more about our extensive privacy policy.

Our testers love UserQ

Rapid tests, quick rewards.​

Access a range of different user tests,
take a few minutes to tell us
 what you think,
and start earning cash.

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