Prototype test

A prototype test involves presenting a prototype of a digital product to your audience and collecting feedback on its effectiveness. This helps you identify problems and areas of improvement, so you can develop a product that meets users’ expectations and needs.  

Before you build a prototype test, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you intend to validate before you commence testing with your prototype.

It is also essential to recruit testers who accurately represent your target audience. By observing their interaction with the prototype and considering their feedback, you can identify what aspects work well and what needs improvement. The insights gained from this process will enable you to iterate and enhance the product.

Prototype test

Prototype testing can help you with:

  • Identifying usability and functionality issues within your product;
  • Reducing development costs by identifying and addressing usability issues;
  • Improving user satisfaction, resulting in increased product adoption and loyalty;
  • Increasing stakeholder buy-in by providing tangible evidence of your product’s capabilities and impact.

When to use prototype test

Design drafting

At the initial stage, before committing to a final design


Allows designers and engineers to test and refine design concepts and iterations


Identify potential usability issues and areas of improvements with real users


Gathering insights on preferences, user behavior metrics and improving efficacies

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