First click

First click tests reveal how easy it is for users to navigate your site, and whether or not they’re able to find the information they need on the first go. By clarifying the paths that users take when using your site, you can prioritise on-page content to facilitate that journey.

The test itself involves presenting your user with your webpage, and asking them to complete a task. For example, if your brand sells homeware products, you might ask your testers where they would first click in order to find mirrors. Wherever they click first will show you where users’ attention focuses, and what elements are important in creating a seamless user experience.

First click UserQ

First click can tell you:

  • your testers’ first impressions of your site
  • which elements are the most important for navigation
  • suitability of language and labelling
  • placement of elements like buttons and banners.

When to use first click


Identify what paths your users would explore when they first interact with your site


Evaluate how easy it is for testers to use and understand your site

Validate designs

At any stage of the design process, this test can be used to guide decision making

Explore other methodologies

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