Testing tools

Run a variety of different user tests on the UserQ
platform, in both English and Arabic. Each produces
insightful, digestible data that can be easily analysed to
level up your brand’s digital experiences.

Tree testing

Tree testing allows researchers to define a logical, easy to navigate site hierarchy by getting testers to complete a range of different tasks using a text-only version of your site. It tests the overall usability of your site, and makes sure your users can easily find information.

Use this test when...

  • You’re designing your site architecture
  • You want to determine the findability of pages on your site

Number of testers

  • We recommend 30+ testers
GIF showing tree testing

Card sorting

This research methodology gets testers to group information together into categories, helping you to design your information architecture in a way that’s more user-friendly. Make card sorting tests open (where they name the categories they create) or closed (where you define the category names).

Use this test when…

  • You’re creating a new website, or site section
  • You want to understand how users expect information to be grouped

Number of testers

  • We recommend 30+ testers
GIF showing card sorting

Preference test

A preference test informs design decisions by evaluating design options and identifying which one users prefer.

Use this test when…

  • You have multiple design options to choose from
  • You want to understand which is most popular

Number of testers

  • We recommend 20+ testers
GIF showing preference test


A survey is the best place to find accurate answers – with the option to ask both open-ended and closed questions to produce both qualitative and quantitative data.They can give you a more accurate reflection of market needs, too.

Use this test when…

  • You’re looking for answers to specific questions
  • You want to hear individual opinions and measure customer satisfaction

Number of testers

  • Considering a 5% margin of error, we recommend 200 - 400 responses depending on your population size
GIF showing survey

5 second test

Gauge first impressions and find out what users think of your designs in the first five seconds of interacting with them.


Use this test when…

  • You want to find out what users associate with your designs
  • You want to know if your site communicates the right message

Number of testers

  • We recommend 10+ testers
GIF showing 5 seconds test

First click

A first click test lets you evaluate your page navigation effectiveness by asking a user to complete a task and recording where they click first on your site – hopefully on the intended page!



Use this test when…

  • You’re testing the usability of your site
  • You want to optimise the layout of your page

Number of testers

  • We recommend 10+ testers
GIF showing first click test