5 second test

5 second tests are important for revealing exactly what users think and feel about your site or app, quickly gauging what information stands out, what’s good and bad – and whether the design achieves what it sets out to do. 

Testers will have 5 seconds to review your uploaded design, then they are asked a series of your questions based on what they’ve just seen.

You’ll gain valuable insights that’ll help you make informed decisions on how best to optimise your design moving forward.

You can continue to re-run the tests with edited variations. Level up and repeat until you are happy with the results.

5 sec test UserQ

5 second test questions could include:

  • What information can you recall?
  • Do you remember the company name?
  • Do you understand the main features of the product/service?
  • How did the design make you feel?
  • What would you change about the design?

When to use 5 second test

Design drafting

Gain insights into what’s right and wrong about your first mock-up design

Initial thoughts

Hear what users like and dislike based on their first reactions

Brand message

Gauge whether users understand your brand message in the first few seconds

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