User testing in MENA

Power to easily validate your designs.

How do you create digital experiences that connect with everyone in a culturally diverse region like MENA?

It’s easy with UserQ.

Cater your UX research to target specific testers from the MENA region. We put the power in your hands with a simple yet powerful user research tool that lets you to drive decision-making quickly and accurately.

Leading digital experiences

Can’t decide which design is best for your audience? Or want to user test your information architecture? UserQ can help.

Gauge first impressions and find out what users think of your designs in the first five seconds of interacting with them.


Use this test when…
  • You want to find out what users associate with your designs
  • You want to know if your site communicates the right message
Number of testers
  • We recommend 10+ testers


A first click test lets you evaluate your page navigation effectiveness by asking a user to complete a task and recording where they click first.


Use this test when…
  • You’re testing the usability of your site
  • You want to optimise the layout of your page
Number of testers
  • We recommend 10+ testers for a first click test



How does UserQ work?

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Create a profile for free, buy credits and kick off your UX research project.

Build and launch tests

Run remote testing for your website or app with ease. You can create tests in English or Arabic.

Select your audience

Get your tests to the right people by recruiting local testers from the UserQ panel or send the link to your own group for free.

Collect and analyse data

Dig into your results and uncover new opportunities with straightforward, downloadable data overviews.

Level up and repeat

Take what you learn to enhance your app, website or digital prototype – and choose what to test next!

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