User research is the ultimate way for startups and development teams to analyse user feedback.

Knowing and understanding how customers respond and interact with your products is pretty much impossible without UX testing. And choosing the right platform is as important as understanding customer feedback itself.

There are a growing number of user testing products on the market to meet the burgeoning demand in UX testing. Maze has a solid reputation for reliability and ease of use, but there are great alternatives out there.

We’re going to explain how UserQ offers the best alternative to Maze.

What is Maze?

It’s an all-in-one user research platform so you can carry out quantitative and qualitative research. Maze gives your product and marketing team the chance to remotely test user-facing prototypes, design concepts, plus branding and marketing campaigns, in order to test usability. The Maze app means you can create a project and allow an unlimited number of users to collaborate – depending on the plan you choose. Adobe XD, Figma, InVision and Sketch prototypes are all supported by Maze. 

Reviews of Maze, and Maze research, suggest customers opt for this remote testing platform because it’s easy to set up, use and administer. Customers also highlight service as a plus point. Based on their needs, users can access a limited free package, or subscribe to the professional and organisation packages.

Why people look for Maze alternatives

Maze is a good option for teams looking to evolve their UX testing. While products, like Maze, have a stellar reputation, your UX testing could be better met with an alternative.

UserQ is a fully remote user testing tool, recruiting Arabic or English speaking testers – depending on research needs. It has been specifically designed for researchers – by UX researchers in MENA. Perfect for businesses that want to thrive in this region of the world, where there are high levels of expats contributing to a diverse culture. If you’re looking for UX testing to really enhance your user experience in the Gulf region, UserQ is for you.

Understanding UserQ

UserQ offers brands the opportunity to cultivate their own cross-border research quickly and accurately. 

You can make the most of:

  • prototype testing
  • card sorting
  • tree testing
  • preference testing
  • first click testing
  • 5 second testing
  • surveys.

UserQ is especially unique because it’s geared to pick up nuances individual to the MENA region – that other user testing tools might miss. With Arabic being prevalent in the area, bi-lingual research is a must. MENA is a culturally rich and vibrant part of the world, and UserQ’s panel of testers reflects this – recruiting more than 10,000 participants, mostly based within the MENA region. Other user testing alternatives, such as Maze, don’t offer the option to select candidates from within the MENA region. 

UserQ is also completely subscription free and works solely on a pay-as-you-go premise – releasing you from recurrent fees.

UserQ vs. Maze: a comparison


With user insights at your fingertips, UserQ reflects the experience of MENA inhabitants. It’s entirely focused on building the experiences gathered for the MENA people. And has more than 10 demographic options. One to call out is: by emirate/region of residency. For example, Dubai: Abu Dhabi testers only. 

With UserQ, you get MENA results in minutes, compared to a minimum of a week with Maze. Why? This is due to a lack of testers from MENA.

Lastly, if you end up reporting a tester, we issue a credit refund – so you only pay for good results.

Price and features

UserQ is a pay-as-you-go service too. Just create an account for free and enjoy all the features available on the platform. By pre-purchasing credits (1 credit = 1 dollar), there’s no need to use your credit card every time – and your credits never expire. Plus, you only need 10 credits to publish a test. 

Maze offers three pricing plans. Their free plan is aimed at small teams interested in light research. This option offers 300 viewable responses per year, prototype testing, live website testing, in-project prompts and closed card sorting. Plus, up to 10 blockers (tasks, questions or additional screens). 

Then there’s the professional package, which costs $99 annually. This option allows 10 projects, 18,000 email sends and 1,800 viewable responses each year, plus open card sorting and pro templates. 

Their third plan is aimed at experienced teams who are rigorously researching on a regular basis. This plan offers unlimited access to projects and priority access to customer support.

UserQ: the future of user testing

UX testing lets you put your design project into context  – so you can see how users explore and interact with your product. And it gives you the opportunity to understand what your users need and want from your product. 

As more and more companies implement user research and user testing as part of their innovation process, new trends and advancements will be unveiled. 

  • AI increases the efficiency of usertesting – producing reliable, large-scale data analysis in seconds. 
  • Emotion and face tracking technologies allow brands to understand even more the way in which users interact with their product – making sure you get the most from your user testing experience. 

UserQ is in the driving seat of current innovation trends. Right now it’s using AI to: 

  • help researchers recruit the right participants to engage with each design project
  • accurately interpret the test results so you get actionable insights that help you grow your brand. 

 If you’re a MENA business wanting to attract new consumers as you develop brand experience for current users, UserQ is ready and waiting to join you on your journey. Try it today.

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