After five years trailblazing user research in MENA with our Dubai-based, in-person UX lab and consultancy, Digital of Things, we’re proud to announce the launch of UserQ – the region’s first fully remote user research solution that centres MENA testers and researchers. Gone are the days of guessing what your customers want – now you can hear from them yourself and create beautiful digital experiences that connect with your audience.

UserQ is a powerful platform that brings brands and testers together – we’re making remote user research accessible to all in the MENA region.

Get to know UserQ

Built for UXers, by UXers, UserQ makes user research effortless, accessible and efficient – here’s what you’ll get in a nutshell:

  • Centralised platform for design, testing and analysis
  • User tests that cover various methodologies
  • Arabic and English functionality
  • Local panel of MENA-based testers
  • Support and guidance along the way
  • Ready for more? Let’s look at how UserQ supports you…

Remote research capabilities

User testing is typically conducted in a lab, where researchers are present to observe testing sessions and record data. But there are some user tests that don’t require observation at all, and actually work better online.

From preference testing to card sorting, businesses can still get the feedback and results they need without the hassle of coordinating an in-person testing session with UserQ’s digital platform. Access local insights without having to spend valuable time and resources by conducting your research online.

Multifunctional platform

UserQ offers an all-inclusive research experience with test design, launch, data collection and analysis on one, easy to navigate platform. For researchers, our dashboard makes keeping track of projects seamless – and for testers, everything they need to take part in tests is available at the click of a button.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a UX maestro or beginner – UserQ offers handy tips and detailed guidance at each stage of the testing process to ensure anyone can reap the benefits of user research.

Fast results from local testers

The UserQ panel is made up of over 2500 (and growing) testers from the MENA region, covering a range of demographics – and researchers have access to them all with each test they publish. No matter your target audience, easily filter testers to make sure the right people take your tests in their preferred language.

MENA – a region of opportunity

MENA is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world, with a booming business environment. It’s a fantastic place for businesses to invest in and expand operations to – but with over 200 nationalities and a myriad of backgrounds, religions and ethnicities, can be a tricky market to get right.

That’s why access to high-quality, locally-relevant user research is even more important for companies in the region, or those hoping to do business here. UserQ is making remote user research available to all through Arabic functionality and an extensive panel of MENA-based testers. No matter your role – researcher, marketer, designer, manager – you’ll have access to local insights from real people in MENA to inform your websites, designs and apps.

Ready to level up your digital experiences? Sign up to UserQ now to stay in the loop.

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