The UserQ platform offers six user research tests based on varying methodologies types that can be taken part in remotely.

Each of these offers a way for businesses to collect primary research data about their digital experiences from real people.

What is tree testing?
This kind of testing helps you to define an easy to follow, logical site hierarchy by asking testers to complete tasks using a text-only version of your site.

What is card sorting?
Card sorting helps you to group information together in the right way, and involves asking testers to categorise information that you give them. This will help shape your navigation structure.

What is a preference test?
A preference test allows you to validate your designs easily by giving your testers two options to choose from with preference testing.

What is an online survey?
This type of test allows you to ask whatever questions you have about your site, customers or product. Running a survey means you can get all the answers you need to more specific questions.

What is a 5 seconds test?
First impressions are everything in UX, and a 5 second test can tell you what your users think of your designs in the first few seconds of seeing them.

What is a first click test?
This test involves asking testers to perform a task using wireframes or prototypes and recording where they first click.

What is a prototype test?
Prototype testing involves presenting a design for a website, app, or other artefact to users in order to gather feedback and evaluate its effectiveness. This method of user testing is essential in the product development process, as it offers valuable insights that can be used to refine and improve digital products before they are released to the market.

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