Tree testing analysis

You’ll have access to the results as soon as the tree test is published. The findings of your test show how easy (or confusing) it is to navigate your site – including how many testers successfully completed the task, how long it took them, and the pathway they chose before selecting an answer.

Here’s how to analyse your tree test results and gain these types of insights.

Step 1: find the test you want to analyse

  • From your personal dashboard, click on the settings menu of the test you want to analyse. 
  • Select ‘View results’.
Analyse test, View results

Step 2: review the information

Each test you run comes with its own dashboard containing all sorts of information and results about who’s carried out your test, and the answers they’ve given to your questions/tasks.

a. Examine the test overview

Under the ‘Overview’ tab, you’ll find a general summary of your test results, including information such as:

  • The total number of participants 
  • The total number of participants from UserQ/shared link
  • A timeline results graph

Short summary of test details (number of tasks, introduction questions, conclusion questions). 

Analyse test, Test overview

b. Examine participant data

If you’ve used the UserQ panel, under the ‘Participants’ tab, you’ll find information on who took part in your tree test, including information such as:  

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Nationality and residency
  • Current employment status (and industry, department)
  • Household status and income
  • And more.

If you’ve used a shared link only, this section will be empty. 

Analyse test, Participant demographics

c. Examine tree testing results

Under the ‘Tree testing’ tab, you’ll find details on how your participants answered your questions/tasks, including:

Average completion time (for participants to complete the task).

Task completion outcome (whether or not participants succeeded in the task, ie. Indirect failure, Direct failure, Task skipped, Indirect success, Direct success). Here are a few definitions to help you understand what these outcomes mean:

Success = selected the correct answer
Failure = selected the wrong answer
Direct = without backtracking
Indirect = backtracked one or more times.
Task skipped = did not complete the task.

Analyse test, Tree test

Participant paths (how each participant did, ie. what pathways they took, task outcome, average time spent, date).

Analyse test, Tree test Path

First clicks (the first label that users click on, including what % of participants visited it first).

Analyse first click on tree test

‘Open tree view’. This gives you a more visual interpretation of the paths taken. Click on labels to find out exactly how many participants took the correct/incorrect pathways, etc. You can export the tree view in PNG or SVG for future use. 

Tip: download an XLSX report to save your results for future reference. That way you won’t have to keep logging back onto your UserQ dashboard.

d. Examine introduction/conclusion questions

Lastly, take a look at the answers for your pre-test introduction questions and post-test conclusion questions. 

For more information on how to analyse the results of your pre-test and post-test questions, check out our full guide. 

UserQ analyse free text results

Build your tree test today

We hope our tree testing guide has been helpful. Ready to build yours?

Join as a researcher and start testing your website navigation in just minutes. Get started for free today. 

Need a hand with building your tree test? No problem! Send a message to: support@userq.com to get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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