If you encounter a tester who has failed to meet quality standards or our Terms of Use, you can report them through the following procedure:

Step 1:
Download the xlsx report from the results page of your test and analyse feedback from all the participants.

Step 2:
Note down every participant you want to report (eg. Participant 4, 82 etc). Please note that you can only report testers on the UserQ panel and not unknown participants that have accessed tests from shared links.

Step 3:
Return to the online results page and click on the ‘Report Testers’ button available in the top right corner. You can also select them individually from each question/task from the test results page.

Step 4:
Select all the testers you want to report from the list and add all the violations you are reporting them for – including any additional notes you want to highlight. Please make sure the feedback is accurate, in order to avoid delays.

Step 5:
Submit your reporting request once you are ready. Please note that you can only submit 1 request per test. So make sure that you have received all responses from your test, before submitting the report to our QA team.

We will review your request based on our guidelines and either approve or decline every single request.

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